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deliver it green

What's behind the name. Well it's an obvious acronym of Deliver it Green but it's also more than that. Digby (pic) is our trusty delivery dog of 6 years. We can guess he has traveled over 250,000 miles and been a part of over 15,000 deliveries. The one thing Digby or Dibbie as my 8 year old daughter Zoe calls him, dislikes is to be left at home, so anytime your lucky enough to have me do your delivery you can be sure Dig is part of it as well. 

Deliver it green.

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      A local independent green bay area same day delivery service.
Bay Area located

Dig Courier is a small local green courier service. We provide a carbon-balanced rush same-day delivery option for businesses interested in reducing their carbon footprint. Using the local San Francisco company Terrapass we carbon balance all vehicle deliveries by buying carbon credits through their program. We know businesses here in the Bay Area try to be as green as they can and now there's a way for your urgent packages to be delivered green as well! Here's how we dig (deliver it green) at Dig Courier.

Package Delivery - We have a small fleet of hybrid vehicles that offer the best alternative to your standard gasoline engine courier trucks. A typical courier truck emits more than 50 tons of carbon emissions each year.  Our hybrid vehicles emit more than 50% less. We make every effort to use bike messengers and even BART to deliver your package and only use vehicles when necessary.

Hybrid Vehicles


Service - When you call Dig you're in direct contact with the people who make it happen on the road. You'll talk directly to a partner who knows you and understands your business needs. We provide fast, friendly, personal service from experienced couriers. We offer a full range of services for your urgent package needs. What we are not is a large, impersonal company with many levels of bureaucracy to navigate through. Our phone is answered immediately or orders can be made online. Packages can be tracked online or simply be calling. 

Rates- Going green with Dig Courier is not more expensive just more earth friendly.  We have no hidden surcharges and you'll find our rates to be more than competitive.  All vehicle deliveries are carbon offset at our expense. 

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Dig Courier is a Terrapass partner